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Theos & Sophia

Oct 08, 1998 08:02 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

                        Nature of Sophia

[7*22] For in her there is a spirit that is intelligent, holy, unique,
manifold, subtle, active, lucid, pure, simple, invulnerable, loving the
good, eager, irresistible,

[23] beneficent, kindly, steadfast, certain, tranquil, all-powerful,
overseeing all, and pervading all wise, pure and sublime spirits.

[24] For wisdom is more dynamic than any motion; because of her pureness
she pervades and penetrates all things.

[25] For she is a ray of the power of Theos, and a pure emanation of the
glory of the Almighty; therefore nothing defiled gains entrance into her.

[26] For she is the radiance of eternal light, the spotless mirror of the
working of Theos, and the image of his goodness.

[27] Though she is but one, she can do all things, and while remaining in
herself, she renews all things; in every generation she passes into holy
souls and generates friends of Theos, and prophets.

[28] For Theos loves nothing so much as the man who lives with wisdom.

[29] For she is fairer than the sun, and outshines every constellation of
the stars. Compared with the light she is found to excel.

[30] For after this comes the night, but against wisdom evil does not

[8*1] She reaches from end to end mightily and orders all things well.

~Wisdom of Solomon~

<> Nicholas Weeks <> <> Los Angeles
  The witchery of paltry things obscures what is right and the whirl of
  desire transforms the innocent mind.  Wisdom 4, 12

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