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Re: Re: Avacado in India

Oct 06, 1998 02:58 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 6th 1998

Those avocados were also called "Alligator pears" and were green
in color.  When ripe they became (like mangos) slightly soft -
and sometimes turned a rich maroon color in places.  Used to be
available at Grand Central market in
The main town center in Bangalore.

The late Maharajah - grandfather of the present one -- had
imported them and there were large orchards which provided ample
fruit - thus they were introduced at his wish over 70 years ago.
At that time Dr. L. S. Doraisamy who was professor of
horticulture and curator of the Lal Baugh was in charge of this
Avocados can be grown from seed and they will fruit if there are
at least 3 trees together as the "females" need the "male"
pollen.  Best tasting are the "Haas" variety which has a rich
nutty flavor.  The edible pulp around the stone is buttery in
consistency when ripe.  If unripe they are rubbery and astringent
and have a rather acid  taste.  Best varieties are grafted so
that the top of the original trunk is replaced by a cutting taken
as a whole branch from a good tasting tree.  Needs to be done by
an expert.


> From: M K Ramadoss
> Sent:	Tuesday, October 06, 1998 5:34 AM
> Subject: Re: Avacado in India

At 01:39 AM 10/6/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>Oct 6th 1998
>Dallas OFFERS
>If I were again in India and confronted with explaining the
>of an avocado to a North Indian friend, I would send to
>for the avocados they have grown there for the past 60 years and
>given a real experience.

I lived in Bangalore for several years two decades ago and I do
not know
how I missed avocado.


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