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Re: Study Theosophy On-line

Sep 07, 1998 09:30 PM
by Martin Leiderman

Moving along on Addenda Chapter 1

HPB says (Vol I p. 478)

"Materialism and scepticism are evils that must remain in the world as
long as man has not quitted his present gross form to don the one he had
during the first and second races in this Round. Unless scepticism and
our present  natural ignorance are equilibrated by intuition and a
natural spirituality, every being afflicted with such feelings will see
in himself no better than a bundle of flesh, bones, and muscle, with a
empty garret inside him which serves the purpuse of storing his
sensations and feelings."

Study questions:

1)  What is the difference between 'scepticism'  and a healthy dose of
doubt and critism?
Because I have found myself in that grey area.

Any real life experience and understanding on this?

2) How to develop 'intuition and a natural spirituality' ???
In my experience intuition is increase with concentration (dharana) and
meditation and natural espirituality with the practice of the paramitas.

Any opinions?

Quote from Taimni's Self-Culture
" A mind full of facts even though they are correct may be quite
unintellingent if there is not the light of Budhi to co-ordinate those
facts and show their real significance."

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