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Re: Fw: No pain, no gain IS THIS UNIVERSE RUN BY LAW ?

Jun 28, 1998 04:04 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 28th 1998

Dear Jerry:

Just or Unjust Universe ?  Karma or no Karma ?

Is there a difference between man's perception of law and law in
itself ?

Does an "abstract," or "ideal" Nature underlie all we perceive,
ourselves, every atom ?  How can this be detected or determined?

Who or what in us either feels or notices pain or joy ?

Is the passage of time and events (of all kinds) a matter of
sentiment (not sensation), or a matter of observation (besides
either enjoying or suffering them) ?

What is the difference between "thinking about" and "knowing ?"

I ask these questions in all sincerity, since they are the tools
that I use to build up my understanding of this environment, and
of 'myself.'

Why should events in and around me be either partially, or
or not at all, subject to chance (or law) :  is it possible to
have an unstable mixture of both?  And if so, who or what
perceives it ?

Apart from observed indeterminacy, is there not a general
tendency to harmony and inter-action whereby units cooperate --

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