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Re: Re:

Jun 28, 1998 04:36 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 28th 1998

Dear Jerry:

To answer your inquiry about the writings of Mr. Crosbie:  Two
books are in print.  The details are:

Books by Robert Crosbie, the founder of the ULT.

THE FRIENDLY PHILOSOPHER  -- A collection of his letters and
stenographic reports of some of his talks. (pp. 425,  $ 7.00)

( Index available separately )

stenographic reports of some of his answers given at regular
study classes in which Judge"s "The Ocean of Theosophy" was being
studied.  ( pp. 240,  $ 6.00 )

                        245 W 33rd St.,
                        Los Angeles,  Ca.,  90007.

                        Phone 213-748-7244
                           Fax:  213-748-0634

Also available in New York from the  ULT  at:
                        347 East 72nd St.,  N.Y.  10021

                        Phone 212-535-2230

Mr. Crosbie was also the first editor of the monthly magazine
THEOSOPHY (published by ULT since 1912).  He died on June 25th
1919.  During his time as editor THEOSOPHY published a series
dealing with the history of the Theosophical Movement. from 1875
on, based on documents available.  This was reprinted as a book
in 1925 under the title

        THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT :      1875 -- 1925

and in 1951 this was reissued and updated to 1950  This is also
available ( $ 6.00 ).  [ THE T. M. -- 1875 - 1950 ]

Theosophy School has been an integral part of the ULT work ; and
for  children he edited a book titled THE ETERNAL VERITIES.
($ 8.50).  There is also a MANUAL for TEACHERS ( $ 6.00 ).

I find I am repeating what I ALREADY said in my earlier posting.
If you would like to see those then phone in or send an order to
the ULT.

Our objective has been to make Theosophy and such books as we
publish available at the least possible cost.  Soaring prices of
paper and binding have in the last few years escalated these.
The older books are sold at the originally established prices.

Magazine THEOSOPHY, now in its 85th Volume, can be subscribed to.
Its annual subscription is $ 17.00.  Back volumes are available
and if a library style binding is wanted the price is $ 25.00 a
volume (if available).

THEOSOPHY MAGAZINE is dedicated to the study of, and the
reprinting of the works of H P Blavatsky and W Q Judge.  It also
reviews the passing relations of Theosophical philosophy to the
current world of thought in the humanities and the sciences.
Free sample copy is available to those who would like to see it.

Glad to be of help.            Dallas

> Date: Saturday, June 27, 1998 10:20 PM
> From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
> Subject: Re: Re:

>> It would be very valuable for interested students of Theosophy
>> become acquainted with the work and writings of Mr. Judge and
>> Crosbie as that is a chapter in the history of the
>> movement that many are still unfamiliar with.
>>            S N I P

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