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Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #230

Jun 27, 1998 04:11 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> As to differences between the writings of HPB and CWL have you
> got and read Margaret Thomas' THEOSOPHY OR NEO-THEOSOPHY.  this
> book was published in 1923 I believe and in parallel columns she
> shows these differences.  It has recently been reprinted by the
> THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, of Edmonton, ( P.O.Box 4804),  Alberta,
> Canada, T6E 5G6.
Thanks. I shall try to obtain a copy.

>  I am sorry indeed if I have offended you or others,
> but I thought that everyone was familiar with those differences
> after their own study.
> In sackcloth and ashes,  Dallas
The ashes part is probably not called for :-)

You haven't offended me at all, but Brenda is probably
pretty miffed by now. I have read only a few book by
CWL, and maybe the "differences" are in the others.
A whole lot depends on one's interpretation of both
HPB and CWL, as with all things.

Jerry S.

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