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Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #230

Jun 26, 1998 04:04 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 26th

Dear Gerry:

Of course you are right. All I write is only my opinion.  But
your caution is one well taken.  And I ought to us IMHO far more
often. I frequently assume we have all studied the same material

As to differences between the writings of HPB and CWL have you
got and read Margaret Thomas' THEOSOPHY OR NEO-THEOSOPHY.  this
book was published in 1923 I believe and in parallel columns she
shows these differences.  It has recently been reprinted by the
THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, of Edmonton, ( P.O.Box 4804),  Alberta,
Canada, T6E 5G6.

Dr. Stokes in THE OE LIBRARY CRITIC, which he published monthly
around the same period from Washington D C also has drawn
attention to those differences.

But the statement that I made was based on familiarity with both
writings.  I am sorry indeed if I have offended you or others,
but I thought that everyone was familiar with those differences
after their own study.

In sackcloth and ashes,  Dallas

> Date: Thursday, June 25, 1998 4:15 PM
> From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
> Subject: Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #230

>> [Dallas}:
>> I definitely would not but HPB and CWL into the same category
>> CWL diverged seriously from HPB.
>Dallas, in future would you please add a caveat to your rather
>flamable statements such as this one, to include something like
>IMHO? I have never found any such "serious divergence" nor
>have you ever offered any when I asked many times in the past.
>Such "divergences" are in your mind, but not in mine, and are
>therefore your opinion rather than fact. As you are well aware,
>I am guilty of this too, but I have been trying to improve
>by toning down my own opinions or at least labeling them as
>Jerry S.

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