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Re: Theosophy=HPB?

Jun 27, 1998 04:17 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> Butting in with my 0.02,  I have often found statements that HPB
> has made which at the time I did not understand or follow the
> logic of.  I set them aside to be verified. and have found over
> some years sometime, that they dovetailed with the philosophy of
> Theosophy that she presented eventually.

No problem as I fully agree with you. As a matter of fact,
please check out the latest FOHAT magazine -- it has an article
on The Origin of Evil. My blood pressure rose when I read
the title, but I found the article to be excellent. It says
exactly what I have been saying here and on theos-l for years,
and taking many flames for. The article quotes HPB to say
that evil is as real as good and that both are universal
and dualistic, etc. It does my heart good to read an
article like this one every now and then in a Theosophical

Jerry S.

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