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Re: Dr. Bain on Dallas T.'s quoting and citing The Secret Doctrine, etc.

Jun 27, 1998 04:24 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Rodolfo Don <> writes
>Dear Alan,
>The point that I was trying to get across is that dogmatism is neither
>possible nor desirable in theosophy. Once we have a doctrine or dogma in
>theosophy it ceases to be that, and becomes something else. On the other
>hand religion, is by its very nature dogmatic. It takes things for granted,
>like the existence of God and divinely inspired scriptures. This is why we
>have Theology: the study of God and its attributes (according to my

Not quite.  It's the study of the ideas about "God" etc.
>Theosophy is something totally different. It relies on the intelligence of
>an unselfish individual to reveal itself. To me theosophy equates with
>Truth. Which can be experienced, but never defined.

Which is why some are skeptical about a divinely inspired HPPB or her
>A few years ago I attended the Theosophical Society International
>Convention at Adyar. They had at the opening session a bishop giving a
>benediction to all present. I found that action out of place, and never
>attended any other meeting. If I wanted to be blessed by a bishop or a
>priest, which I didn't care, I could have gone to any of the local
>churches. Something appropriate for me could have been a commitment made
>all present, to the spirit of Truth, which we all are part of.

That is really *sick* - Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!
>Best wishes from lovely Gilroy,

That's real nice.
Brought to you from
LovelyWest Cornwall, UK

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