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Re: Heart Chakra/Meditaion

Jun 27, 1998 06:21 AM
by Pam Giese

Thomas --
A quick point here:

In working with the chakras, you don't mediate ON the chakra, you meditate
THROUGH the chakra.  Many of the meditations on the heart chakras, throat
chakras, etc are designed to help the student "locate" and "feel" the
chakra energy in order to work do later work with the chakras and

Remember the Care Bear cartoons?  When put into an unpleasant situation
that they couldn't resolve through reason, passivity, or compromise, the
Care Bears would release an energy of love and kindness out of the heart
chakras (well as close to the heart as you might locate on a cartoon teddy
bear).  Quite magical really, except that I usually see/feel the heart
chakra energy as being rather golden.

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> From: "Thomas Browne" <>
> Subject: Heart Chakra/Meditaion
> Date: Friday, June 26, 1998 11:13 PM
> Dear Pam
> Thanks for your response to my request.  I am very grateful.  Also, I
> like to discuss your own experiences on the field of heart energy and
> compared with that of the intellect or brain-centered energy.  I am
> particularly interested in how all of this works and the effect it might
> on a person.
> Regards
> Thomas

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