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Re: Personal motives?

Jun 24, 1998 08:08 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Let me add my 0.02. In all my dealings with Radha, she has always been very
forthright, reasonable, candid and prompt. I want everyone to hear my
personal experience.


At 09:49 AM 6/24/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks, Martin, for your question; thanks, Brenda, for your
>comments.  Having just returned from the ARE Congress I feel more
>persuaded than ever that here is a healthy spiritual organization
>in which I can participate fully as a member equal to any other.
>As many of you know, I have long felt that the TSes and ULT are
>not such organizations-- that they are unhealthy (and not just
>for me!) in many ways and that neither I nor anyone who shares as
>little of the unofficial belief system as I do can really be accepted
>as an equal partner.
>Martin, I see in your remarks an attempt at marginalization and
>dismissal of my remarks about Adyar TS leaders.  Radha never did
>anything to me at all, and John was always pleasant until right
>before lowering the boom with his negative and inaccurate
>reviews.  Yes, there are some bad memories that inform my
>remarks, but I can assure you that the overwhelming basis for my
>admittedly negative feelings toward Burnier and Algeo is the way
>they have treated other people, *not me*-- and a great *many* other
>people too.  As well as how they have treated Theosophy.
>I won't argue personalities, however, preferring to let those
>eligible to vote in TS elections look into the job performance of
>their elected leaders, and decide for themselves.

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