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Personal motives?

Jun 24, 1998 06:49 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Thanks, Martin, for your question; thanks, Brenda, for your
comments.  Having just returned from the ARE Congress I feel more
persuaded than ever that here is a healthy spiritual organization
in which I can participate fully as a member equal to any other.
As many of you know, I have long felt that the TSes and ULT are
not such organizations-- that they are unhealthy (and not just
for me!) in many ways and that neither I nor anyone who shares as
little of the unofficial belief system as I do can really be accepted
as an equal partner.

Martin, I see in your remarks an attempt at marginalization and
dismissal of my remarks about Adyar TS leaders.  Radha never did
anything to me at all, and John was always pleasant until right
before lowering the boom with his negative and inaccurate
reviews.  Yes, there are some bad memories that inform my
remarks, but I can assure you that the overwhelming basis for my
admittedly negative feelings toward Burnier and Algeo is the way
they have treated other people, *not me*-- and a great *many* other
people too.  As well as how they have treated Theosophy.

I won't argue personalities, however, preferring to let those
eligible to vote in TS elections look into the job performance of
their elected leaders, and decide for themselves.


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