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Re: Re: The Beginning/End

Jun 23, 1998 11:11 PM
by Annette Rivington

Dear Dallas, footnote:
Just to let you know that I have just finished reading "The Children of
The Law of One", "Archaic History of the Human Race and "Man at Home in
the Universe", and in so doing have answered most of the questions in my
last post, except: why does the Universal One/Consciouness/God screw up
so much?  (I know, it's our human perception and limited comprehension)

I prefered the concept in "The Children..." book as it is more like
"whoops, didn't take the lower vibration of the physical into account"
as the second wave, who were to be the ascended Masters, watched what
happened to the first wave.
Theosophy is more like "the process takes billions of years though 7
rounds and 7 races and x7 sub-races and the gods screwed up at each race
and it will not all be right until the 7th, and then it could happen all
over again on another planet."

I wanted to bring a kindly sort of closure to our debate, win-win maybe?
As I was reading the Theosophy, I kept thinking, "how would you write
this in a children's picture book so that you could teach it at a point
when we know that the human mind is forming concepts for permancence?"
Now if your answer is that it is not for children or narrow brained
incarnations like me in general, then forget universality leading to
botherhood, IMHO.

Also, I have not changed my mind about why the books sometimes turn me
off as follows, with quotes (and I know this is an unscientific sample):

Me: The concept of "gods" that manipulate creation, pick and choose what
they will incarnate in and what they will discard, and control the
evolution of the human race.  If the Pitris et al had waited and got
together .... this problem of ours of body, mind, and spirit
disconnection would not have happened.  Can you see it from my point of
view?  I don't know which is worse to be faced with... an old man in the
sky who got it darn near perfect and then threw us out because we
overstepped our bounds, or a bunch of Lords of Wisdom that appear to be
developing on the fly using us as a vessel.  That's being extreme, but
it makes my point.

Readings: Archaic History pp 1-29
p29: "The Sons of Wisdom, the Sons of Night...ready for rebirth came
down.  They saw the (intellectually) vile forms of the first third
(still senseless Race.)  "We can choose", said the Lords, "we have
wisdom." etc.
van Pelt comments: "H.P. Blavatsky...says this Stanza contains the whole
key to the mysteries of evil.  It explains the puzzling equalities in
human life, and many problems which have baffled the great minds of our
races.  Intellect may said to have been born at this time, and during
this Fourth Round it developed as a fit vehicle for the higher faculty,
Buddhi, or intuition.  But Manas or mind will not be fully developed
until the next or Fifth Round, and will have the opportunity of becoming
entirely divine at the end of the Seventh Round."

ME: Linear concepts, man being the pinacle of creation, standard
evolutionary concepts mixed with Indian legends, class structures all
over the place, and the following, which is a massive BARRIER to
"Those who were "not ready", are represented at present by some native
Australian, African and Oceanic tribes (snip) and as conscious life
grows, each is given what he has earned."

For me the explanation that it is not my fault, nor the fault of the
"gods" and that nature compensates by giving no Karma to work out, "as
their more favored brethren in intelligence had", so that "in this
respect the poor savage is more fortunate than the greatest genius of
civilized countries", gets my back up something chronic.

I have to tell you that I always start out reading Theosophy with
interest and expected acceptance, and end up either angry or depressed.
E.G. "The First (Race) on every zone was moon-coloured (yellow-white);
the Second, yellow, like gold; the Third, red; the Fourth, brown, which
became black with sin."
It doesn't matter that the first seven (human) shoots were all of one
complexion in the beginning, or that the next (seven, the sub races)
began mixing their colours, the damamge is done and her white supremacy
slip is showing.  "like gold, black with sin", my stars!

"All had common origin, inasmuch as all the 'Creators' were Divine
Beings, though of different classes or degrees of perfection in their

ME: I guess the earth changes that destroyed the unfit ones didn't quite
work?  It matters not IMHO that we are now past that phase in
incarnations, people latch onto these concepts and use them to support
their desire to practice prejudice, not as an explanation and promise to
never do it again.

I have a problem with the Lemuria and Atlantis stuff, as it is opposite
to what others have written on and have experienced in astral travel to
both times and places.

And finally, I am devastated to read that the Americans are the chosen
ones.  Or maybe not.  The Hopi's look like a 90% probability to be the
only surviviors of this next round of "cleansing".

You have shown me Dallas that different people "read into" these works
in different ways and I am most happy that you have found a lifetime of
growth and peace in it.  It certainly appears that my husband may too.
That is excellent.  Except, it is nigh on two years now that he found
Theosophy.  Before that he was "working" on his spiritual development
what I call actively, with some martial arts for discipline and
exercise, courses in various arts, sciences and business fields,
exploring with groups of other "beliefs", and doing add jobs around the
house and garden.  Now it seems as if he is reading and waiting, almost
as if any action by himself is irrelevant.  THAT scares me.  But when I
read the texts too and get the feeling that I am some pawn in the
creators' plan, a plan that takes billion of years on a fixed
evolutionary path that I cannot impact, (except perhaps by screwing up
and creating frightening Karma), I can understand this possible
reaction.  Many people, like my husband, are waiting for a something to
come along and explain it all away as not their fault, predestined, not
in their control.  When Theosophy supports that desire, I cannot support
Theosophy.  I believe that we are the fallen ones, disconnected from the
one supremeness by our choice, and that it is our responsibility and
lifework to make it back in whatever way works best for us and for the
whole concurrently.  So, I think still that we are not at variance in

My debate with you was concerning why I believed that there were issues
impeding universal acceptance and I think enough is enough, BECAUSE what
ever the text, the people whom I have met here are good souls.
And so I think the comment made about the works being pointers for an
intellectual path of self discovery and development is a good one and I
have no qualms in commenting that HPB should be required reading in any
good education system.
Blessed Be

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