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Jun 22, 1998 02:12 PM
by Jake Jaqua

Chuck writes in #240:

>Anyone who has spent anytime studying what floats around on the Astral =
>knows that there are lots practical jokers out there (do you have any =
idea how
>many fake Jesuses there are alone?) and they are all ready to issue =
>to gullible folks and see what they do with them.

>If there is actually something out there as advanced beyond me as I am =
>the dinosaurs, he she or it is going to have far more interesting =
things to do
>with its time than give spiritual advice to us.  That would be me like
>preaching to an ant hill.  The ants aren't going to understand it.

       He's right!   They are ALL negative spooks of various sorts.  =
Read some Blavatsky, Judge, Mahatma Letters, Purucker and all the wealth =
of Blavatsky-oriented material - who all say the same thing.    Of =
course one can choose not to believe the Blavatsky-oriented literature, =
but this IS supposed to be a Blavatsky-oriented site isn't it? (The only =
one too, as far as I know.)
        -   Jake Jaqua

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