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Re: No pain, no gain

Jun 22, 1998 06:29 AM
by Annette Rivington

> Enter the Heretic
Hi Chuck.
You wrote:
> I find this mystifiying.  I frankly don't care if a command comes from the
> Grand High Pissant Poobah of Mars.  If I don't like it, I ain't doing it.

Good survival instinct.  Have no choice really but to go with that
instinct, so no great intellectual feat?

> Anyone who has spent anytime studying what floats around on the Astral plane
> knows that there are lots practical jokers out there (do you have any idea how
> many fake Jesuses there are alone?) and they are all ready to issue commands
> to gullible folks and see what they do with them.

Haven't had the pleasure of meeting a fake Jesus, but yes, there are
tricksters and the like.  However, I prefer sometimes to see them as
entities with a sense of humour who have their place in the scheme of
things.  Other times to let it go and say to myself that I don't
understand them.  Other times to think that what I believe I see is my
limited interpretation and maybe a reflection of myself.

> If there is actually something out there as advanced beyond me as I am beyond
> the dinosaurs, he she or it is going to have far more interesting things to do
> with its time than give spiritual advice to us.  That would be me like
> preaching to an ant hill.  The ants aren't going to understand it.

Here's the burning question.....what if, when the final elevation is
achieved, there *is* nothing more interesting to do than play with the
human race?
Jestfully yours

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