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Re: No pain, no gain

Jun 21, 1998 08:53 PM
by Chuck Cosimano

In a message dated 98-06-21 21:36:24 EDT, you write:

>Well, let's just imagine that someone (even me, perhaps) receives a
>"Command" from someone (like I like to refer to them) in the next kingdom
>of nature - an ascended master, one who is as far above my conscious
>ability as I am above the dinosaur.  YOU TRY TO GET IT RIGHT.  To me it
>would seem like interpreting and translating as many times as there are
>languages on earth!!!  In other words, this is not human speaking to human.
> Comprendez?

Enter the Heretic

I find this mystifiying.  I frankly don't care if a command comes from the
Grand High Pissant Poobah of Mars.  If I don't like it, I ain't doing it.

Anyone who has spent anytime studying what floats around on the Astral plane
knows that there are lots practical jokers out there (do you have any idea how
many fake Jesuses there are alone?) and they are all ready to issue commands
to gullible folks and see what they do with them.

If there is actually something out there as advanced beyond me as I am beyond
the dinosaurs, he she or it is going to have far more interesting things to do
with its time than give spiritual advice to us.  That would be me like
preaching to an ant hill.  The ants aren't going to understand it.


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