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Daily Basis

Jun 21, 1998 09:03 AM
by Dr A M Bain

libidia <> writes
>Well, finally, I wrote my thoughts real good.  The perspiration paid
>Dear Alan, when you have a minute, you can do me a favour please...
>a)  What *does* that word "Amen" really mean

"So be it" - or in modern parlance, "Yeah, let it all hang out!"

>b)  Had a discussion recently about people seeming to need affirmation
>of themselves and their ideas.  The person with whom I was debating said
>that he knew he sought affirmation and kept at it until he got it and
>then put that one in his toolkit and went onto the next one and he
>believed we all did that.  I boldly said I didn't think we did.  Bad
>move.  Here I am today getting a good-type feeling from your response.
>Not that my life depends on affirmations by others of myself, and we
>forge on with life without them, but it's just been proved to me that it
>does happen. Why?

Part of the schme of things I guess - we all need a little cheer from time
to time, otherwise we would give up, and the Great Mahatma is the Sky
might not like that ....  <G>
>Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>> libidia <> writes (on theos-talk)
>> >In the meantime, on a daily basis, if the people have the courage to
>> >tell the stories, to communicate their experiences, to walk the talk...
>> >at least the knowledge of the existance of the knowledge can live and it
>> >seems can be spread, like a certain Bank once advertized - one customer
>> >at a time.
>> Amen. Amen. Amen
>> Alan

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