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Re: Why I left the TSA

Jun 20, 1998 06:10 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Kym"

Apparently my method of answering and speaking is abrasive to
you.  What difference does it make what either of us have read or
not ?  It matters that if we are discussing the same philosophy
we can employ time saving methods if we are both familiar with
the same ideas.  If either of us lacks that familiarity we will
engage in endless nit-picking exercises as to the precise use of

That is what is my problem -- not yours.  Young or old, we are
all immortal spirit/soul so that "age" is not a actor.  Forget
such definitions.  Let's deal with ideas.

By all  means we are indeed each other's Karma -- or some aspect
of it.  I am trying to get at a slightly different level of
experience that we have all shared somewhere, either here and now
mentally, or in the past in some other way.  I am not trying to
"sell" you my views, experience, ideas, etc, but truing to ask
you if you will share some of the things that are familiar to me,
and which I sense you may be interested it.  I try never to sit
opposite another, but to sit beside, so that we have virtually
the same perspective.  We then compare views.

I think we all seek for a deeper understanding, and of course we
approach it differently.  So let this be considered only my kind
of "oil" poured on our troubled waters (or at least mine--if
yours are not).

If you are not familiar with Theosophical philosophy as expressed
by HPB then we will be spending a lot of time discussing that
which is already available.  I may be in this time (ahead of
you), or I may be (behind).  Does that matter ?  Nothing.  How do
our ideas relate ?

Ideas have no date.

Best wishes,        Dal

> Date: Friday, June 19, 1998 9:20 PM
> From: "Kym Smith" <>
> Subject: Why I left the TSA

>Dallas wrote to me:
>>As to explicit answers, when I find you throwing at me some of
>>words and phrases of theosophy I will know that you are
>>on your own and not just picking up my phrases and ideas. A
>>tennis court is not a class in philosophy.  It is tennis.  And
>>when we play that is fun, but generally it gets us nowhere in
>>terms of real advancement, of service to others, or of
>>enhancement of our own capacities.   ( and I have played plenty
>>of ball games in my youth, too.)
>Dallas, you give yourself way too much credit and me way too
little, my
>friend.  Rest assured, I am "not just picking up on [your]
phrases and
>ideas."  You know nothing about me nor what I have or have not
>I lack any need or desire to "prove" anything to you;
additionally, I also
>lack any need or desire to use Theosophical lingo to express my
Self.  If
>you think our discussions are simply "tennis" - in essence,
suggesting you
>may have learned nothing from me - do not respond to or read my
posts.  I,
>on the other hand, have indeed learned a few things from you.
>Unfortunately, just because you have placed yourself in some
kind of
>"teacher/leader" role does not mean others view you as such.  I
view you as
>an equal - nothing more, nothing less.  If you are uncomfortable
with that
>or have a problem with me as an individual - again, you do not
need to
>respond to my posts.  The delete key comes in handy in cases
such as this.
>I'll be more than happy to have a conversation with you - but it
will not be
>according to your rules nor will I ponder for too long the
question "Oh
>dear, will this please or offend Dallas?"  You clearly did NOT
ponder the
>question "Oh dear, will this please or offend Kym?"  And we
should not have
>And, Dallas - get over your "ageism."  I am in college, yes -
but that
>doesn't necessarily mean I am "young" nor that I am pursuing my
first degree.
>And here is a nightmare scenario for you: I'm out of school for
the summer
>and I've nothing to do. . .except hang around theos-talk.
>Maybe. . .could it be?. . .I'm somehow YOUR karma?  (gasp!)

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