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Re: Internet & Theosophy of 15 Jun 1998

Jun 18, 1998 03:16 PM
by Brenda S Tucker

Sophia, My communication of the 15th came in fine - just like below.
However, I do have a comment.=20

>I see the above broken abruptly off, I repeat the last paragraph with=20
>its intended ending.
>"There is a grave danger in our outer personalities trying to usurp the=20
>place of the divine inner.=20

I think maybe you should know more about this.

Let me tell you of an experience.  When I read this post, of course, the
first sentences struck me as I sometimes skim read much of the material
posted here.  I could hear a voice - the voice of my presence - my "divine
inner" perhaps telling me that the correct response to you would be
something like "You should know." Although I don't communicate with you
much as of yet, I didn't think it was appropriate to jeopardize our harmony
(in silence) just so that I could speak sarcastically on the internet and
get out the message to you that "You should know." So, in a way what you
say is true. Our outer does try to usurp the inner.  Sometimes we place our
values in one virtue such as harmony, over and above our duty and obedience
to encourage "learning."  And this is the effect that your statement drew
out of me. =20

A much more positive approach to dealings which we have with our inner
divine is to say, "Beloved Mighty I Am Presence Make me perfectly obedient
in all things."  (and alongside of this idea I like to tell the Presence -
) "I give this light from you recognition and feel Its presence here!  I
love it! I thank It for Its boundless Blessings in the Universe! I demand
It be Eternally, Invincibly Protected and fulfill the Divine Plan, to
illumine all with Eternal Freedom!"

I may not be wise and happy, but there is wisdom within me and I am happy
to know "IT."

This is what I can accomplish with decree work.


 So efforts are made to protect oneself and=20
>another from whatThe Voice of the Silence, says is "Pride and=20
>satisfaction at the fete achieved;" and again the advice is given, "Be=20
>humble if thou would'st attain wisdom.  Be humbler still when Wisdom=20
>thou hast mastered.  Be like the ocean which receives all streams and=20
>rivers, the oceans might calm remains unmoved."    The Tao-The-King=20
>speaks of the wise, occupying a lowly place, like water which runs=20
>downhill, for from a lowly place, one cannot be toppled.   While The=20
>Bhagavad Gita, teaches that "pleasure and pain should be treated the=20
>same=85"  and that to the wise gold and a rock are the same, and that the=
>Brahmin and the eater of the flesh of dogs are to be treated alike.=20
>Fraternally,   Sophia "

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