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Internet & Theosophy of 15 Jun 1998

Jun 17, 1998 04:56 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

I see the above broken abruptly off, I repeat the last paragraph with
its intended ending.

"There is a grave danger in our outer personalities trying to usurp the
place of the divine inner.  So efforts are made to protect oneself and
another from whatThe Voice of the Silence, says is "Pride and
satisfaction at the fete achieved;" and again the advice is given, "Be
humble if thou would'st attain wisdom.  Be humbler still when Wisdom
thou hast mastered.  Be like the ocean which receives all streams and
rivers, the oceans might calm remains unmoved."    The Tao-The-King
speaks of the wise, occupying a lowly place, like water which runs
downhill, for from a lowly place, one cannot be toppled.   While The
Bhagavad Gita, teaches that "pleasure and pain should be treated the
same…"  and that to the wise gold and a rock are the same, and that the
Brahmin and the eater of the flesh of dogs are to be treated alike.
Fraternally,   Sophia "

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