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Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

Jun 16, 1998 04:51 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

Dear Doss:

Many thanks for the correct reference.  I have Alice Cleather's
books, but had forgotten the exact location of that statement.

This is quite wonderful to receive help from others who have
studied in their areas.  If we can all do this, we will build up
a marvelous fund of references that will prove valuable in the
coming years to answer inquiries.

Best wishes as always,        Dallas

> Date: Monday, June 15, 1998 4:33 PM
> From: "M K Ramadoss" <>
> Subject: Re: Re: Dr. Bain and "Real Evidence"

>Dallas: You are right. It is mentioned in Cleather's book on
HPB. Let me
>see if I can quickly find it.
>                SNIP

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