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Re: Karma or Injustice?

Jun 13, 1998 06:04 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Bart Lidofsky <> writes
>Just because someone has karma coming to them does not give anybody a
>natural right to inflict it.

Many theosophists of my personal (ex) acquaintance seem to regard
themselves as lords and ladies of karma.  Methinks I am not alone in
this experience.

> In the Christian Scripture, for example, a
>puzzling case is the fate of Judas. It appeared that it was definitely
>in the karma and the dharma of Jesus to be crucified. Yet Judas, who
>acts as a major agent of this, is damned for his action. Even thought
>the immediate results of his actions were "good", his karma was driven
>by his true intent: to stop Jesus.

This has always been a difficult one for theologians.  As a former
theologian, I can only offer the explanation that the story of the Judas
betrayal is a fiction, a myth to tell a story by.  As received, the entire
account is anachronistic vis a vis the life of a Palestian Israelite at the
time of Jesus.

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 West Cornwall, UK

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