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Karma or Injustice?

Jun 13, 1998 03:08 AM
by Kym Smith

Sophia wrote:

>The curtain of forgetfulness, is
>dropped upon most of humanity, for many do not have the strength of
>character to either bear, what they would look upon as injustice meted
>out to them in former lives and would seek revenge, or be able to bear
>the horror of the mistakes and dreadful actions they themselves may have

This makes sense, but how does one then know when to "fight back?"  You
wrote: "They would look upon an injustice meted out to them in former lives
and would seek revenge."  I agree this is very likely - but then how do I
know that the person who, say, "robbed" me of my pay-check while I was
walking down the street isn't simply aiding me in regaining balance because,
say, I, in a former time, over-charged this person monetarily causing
hardship for her and her family?  If I called the police, had her arrested,
she ended up imprisoned - would yet another "rebalance" have to occur?

Karma seems to imply that we should "turn the other cheek" since we don't
know if such an action, despite its seeming unfairness or wrongness, is
actually a necessary event brought on by us in a previous existence.

How does one choose their "battles" while keeping in mind 'karma?'


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