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Re: -- Vegetarianism -cloning - meat, etc. Who pays ?

Jun 12, 1998 06:24 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 12th 1998

Dallas offers:

RE:  cloning of meat, etc...

In considering this question ought we not to think of

1.    the Astral model.  How is it that the physical bit of
matter (carrying its own astral substrate) gets duplicated ?  Is
it physiology alone ?  I seem to recall that in SD II there is an
indication that the "Atlanteans"  (I mean us when we were in
Atlantean bodies, living in those civilizations) carried on
similar and even far worse things.  Are we in the process of
repeating those errors ?

2.    what is happening on the Astral Plane ?

3.    Does physical food alone sustain us ?

4.    What about the pranic currents associated with food ?

5.    What about the quality of the "feelings" and the "thoughts"
that are also associated with food ?  I mean the fear and hatred
on an animal that is about to be slaughtered -- have you ever
been to a slaughter house ?

6.    Considering the vegetarian outlook:  are we not eating food
from creatures that have been violently slain and quite against
their will ?  what quality in terms of life energy and kamic
power is now being drawn in by us ?  We eat daily a great deal.
Why is so much rejected ?  How is the selectivity carried out ?
Is there a Karmic aspect to
this ?

7.    Is animal food essential or is it a matter of taste?  Many
nations such as the Hindus (in general) are by custom
vegetarians -- they seem to derive an adequate amount of
sustenance from what they eat -- how is that ?

8.    Is more arable land wasted by insisting on animal food than
if that same land were planted with edible crops ?

9.    What about the hungry and starving around the world ?  Who
is taking care of them systematically ?  Yes.  I know that their
governments are also responsible for the situation in regard to
food and health care.  We allowed the genocide to proceed in
Ruanda and did little to halt it -- to far -- too remote, etc...
Does that exonerate us from complicity as members of the Human
Family ?

10.    Also I know that many charitable organizations do all they
can to adjust these imbalances.  But what about diffusing more
information about the KARMIC situation ?

11.    I also know that economic and commercial reasons will be
hurled around as to the termination of many jobs and the need to
see that there is compensation, etc... start the farms and the
necessary building for irrigation.  Why aren't our deserts made
greener ?  If Arizona can be made fertile, then what about other
areas ?  What about making desalination a cheaper matter ?  What
about "solar power ?"   We just had devastating fires all over
the tropical belt due to lack of rain -- has this happened before
historically ?  Does Nature do this, or do we humans create the
situations that hasten famine, drought, and excessive heat for
our small planet.  I don't think there is enough seaweed to feed
the entire planet, but we are about 70% water !  What's being
done about that ?

12.    I'm sure we can ask a lot more on this, and perhaps arrive
at something we can work on and make changes.

Can anyone think of some more applied Theosophy to be fed into
the situation ?

Best wishes to all and to the originator of the question.


> Date: Thursday, June 11, 1998 6:24 PM
> From: "Darren Porter" <>
> Subject: Future Vegetarians

>Here is an ethical question I have been thinking about:
>If in the future geneticists are able to grow meat in a
laboratory and the
>meat is identical to say a steak but never existed as part of a
>animal, would it be ok to eat it?

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