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Jun 12, 1998 06:34 PM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 12th

Eating without killing:  what about fruit, seeds, grains, milk
(but leave enough for the calves), eggs (but do not jail the

There are probably dozens of foods common to every area which
could be had (in moderation) so that our bodies may be fed,
without actually imposing starvation or tyranny and torture on
the rest of Nature.

How did we ever, as a "race" assume that we because we were
"mightier," had the right to kill and destroy all the rest of the
animate life on the Planet and other "beings," ---  and then,
historically and actually today, we have in certain places and by
certain individuals, extend this to ourselves --- in murder,
racial hatreds, and war ?  What is the logic of this
self-destruction madness ?


More important :  what are the remedies ?  What do we teach our
young ones, that they grow up with no respect for each other
than the fear of violence and torture, of ourselves as their
elders and teachers, and the rest of mankind  -- I am of course
speaking generally and of perhaps a small but very violent

What has happened to self-respect ?

> Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 1:18 PM
> From: "Eldon B Tucker" <>
> Subject: food

>Since it's lunchtime, and I'm sitting here with my
>vegetarian chili cup-of-cup, and in reading all the
>many food comments, I thought I'd add a few ideas
>and comments to the discussion.
>It seems more civilized and refined to eat lower
>rather than higher life forms. It's possible for
>most people to have a healthy and tasty diet based
>upon vegetarian principles.
>There are exceptions. Some people have health
>problems requiring them to eat a meat diet -- but
>this is not commonplace. And for certain peoples,
>like the Tibetans, their climate doesn't support
>the adequate production of vegetable foods, so
>they typically eat meat, even though their Western
>followers are often vegetarians.         SNIP

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