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Subject: Veggie karma

Jun 11, 1998 03:33 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

Kym asks :--

"But, I cannot even fathom how a turnip would generate karma - if karma
is causation, I can't figure out where/how the turnip "caused" and where
one could pin "motive" on the turnip.  It doesn't seem "fair" that a
turnip should chalk up karma points when it is simply doing what is
natural and required for a turnip to do."

KARMA, comes from the root KRU to do or to act.  Karma therefore implies
action with its concomitant reaction.  Hence everything by its mere
existence-for it IS, and therefore is a "Be-ing"--acts, and hence causes
a reaction.   Hence APHORISM No. 5 states, "Karma operates on all things
and beings from the minutest conceivable atom up to Brahma."

As the Atom is a whirling group of neutrons, protons and electors, in
the atom these are acting and making (causing) according to their number
the elementary chemicals of the Periodic Table, with their atomic
weights.   The study of the actions and reactions of these chemicals
with each other make for the study of the LAWS of Chemistry.   Each
chemical has its inherent natural properties, in association-when
meeting up with other chemicals, they combine to form COMPOUNDS,  with
new-very different from their parentage-properties; and Compounds can
act and react with other simple chemical or compounds, the offspring of
these unions diverse and multifarious.

The result of these combinations, show up in our Mineral Kingdom,
Vegetable Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.  When we begin to see unicellular
and multi-cellular beings, we see their movements as those of living
beings, manifesting what has been called LIFE.  While Occultism has held
that every atom which acts and reacts with other atoms and beings, is
showing LIFE,  hence Occultism' fundamental principle is that Life or
JIVA (sometimes called PRANA = breath, in those that breath) is
Universal and defused everywhere.  ALL IS LIVING.

In the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms,  with their vast
varieties, of species and genera, we see the evolutionary power of
manifesting LIFE growing and developing as organic and in organisms;
causing these manifesting in their totality our Earth.  Hence going back
to an earlier held doctrine that Mother Earth, itself as a totality,  is
a living organism, GAIA, some of the New Age thinkers talk this way now.

All the multifarious beings composing these three kingdoms, like the
chemicals, have their properties of form or shape, color, organic
structure, behaviour acting and reacting to their environment and
circumstances.  The study of the LAWS of these beings make up our study
of  Geology, Physics,  Botany, Biology, Physiology,  Pathology,  etc.,
etc.   And result in all the variety of courses our Universities offer
under these headings, divided and sub-divided endlessly.   All these
beings,  have their natures imprinted within them, they act by natural
impulse-in animals the word instinct could also be introduced, their
LAWS are inherent.  Outside of the mineral kingdom, where a genetic code
exists, their actions as to how to develop into their special species,
genera, are all laid down, in for the most cases in great details and
unerringly-some slow evolutionary changes, and fast mutations apart,
then these too maybe hence forth be transmitted.

The "turnip" with its seed which holds the properties to be
unfolded-enACTed-into  its particular shape of roots, leaves, with its
color, its flavour is ALIVE.  It being alive, can transmit its
peculiarities of minerals, enzymes, hormones, vitamins, etc., to
effecting changes in the soil in which it grows, to other beings
consuming it,  the caterpillar, the animal grazer or the man.  Being
alive, it can pass on those living properties to the benefit of other
organisms.  It acts by natural impulse.  The inherent intelligence of
its kind.

These Kingdoms which unlike man have not had individual mind MANAS
awakened, have no self-knowledge (I am a turnip, not a rose, bean or
something else) nor do they have other-knowledge (about the rose, bean
or something else).  They enACT  only their own programmes-their
genetically encoded behaviour.   Man has reached that stage in the
evolutionary progression where self-awareness and other-awarness has
developed.  Hence we have these University courses about the things
around us.  With this awakening man questions nature and him/herself.
Man wonders if vegetarianism is better or worse the tiger or the deer
have no such moral dilemmas to puzzle them.  Nor the further
responsibility to make choices.  KARMA for man has added dimensions,
which the mineral, vegetable and the animals have not to contend with.
But these Kingdoms are continually acting and interacting, according to
the Laws of their inherent natures, according the Karma.

But here this topics development,  may well end.

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