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Jun 08, 1998 06:14 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> Karma may be held over
>for lives, so that when the right time arrives and circumstances
>develop for its manifestation it all comes together as
>circumstance for us to handle -- it is we who have to readjust
>things at that time.  It is the basis for our personal advancing,

The idea of pastlife karma effecting us in this life is one that
I don't like much, because the whole idea of reward/punishment
is that it must be quick and consistant. So, if this is nature's way
of having us learn "lessons" then it stinks. Being effected now for
things done in the long-forgotten past is pathological.

>We -- (again maybe only me) are the ones who seek to classify
>aspects of Karma (LAW) -- but LAW is still law by whatever name.

The idea of karma being LAW as you put it is, again, against my
grain. I can accept it only in an exoteric naive fashion. The problem
is this: you will never ever get out of karma the way it is usually
defined, and the way that you are defining it. If cause always
produces effect and vice versa, then liberation is impossible.
Well, I personally believe in liberation and that karma can
be consumed or eliminated. What makes this possible is
chaos, or the LAW of acausality.

Jerry S.

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