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Veggie karma

Jun 08, 1998 05:19 PM
by Kym Smith

Dallas wrote:

>DALLAS        I have tried to above, by saying that KARMA
>includes every aspect of "event."  Both the generation of acts,
>visible or invisible to us at present, and their results, again
>both visible and invisible.  And furthermore, it is also eternal
>in operation, and is affected by neither size or time.  Motive
>actuates it.  And motive is a human power.

I may be lost here, but if, as you say, "motive actuates" karma and "motive
is a human power" then how do beings other than humans (trees, birds, fish,
grass, the Earth, the Universe) actuate karma?  Theosophy claims that all
beings have/generate karma and in the broad view one (me) can ALMOST accept

But, I cannot even fathom how a turnip would generate karma - if karma is
causation, I can't figure out where/how the turnip "caused" and where one
could pin "motive" on the turnip.  It doesn't seem "fair" that a turnip
should chalk up karma points when it is simply doing what is natural and
required for a turnip to do.


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