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Re: Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #189

Jun 07, 1998 08:31 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Thank you for this positive note.  Perhaps Mr. Harris also kept up his effort
under the belief that no effort is wasted, and that good results will eventually
come, even if he would not live to enjoy their fruits.  I'm glad anyway, that
Harris was least able to benefit from Dr. Greenwalt's intellectual integrity.

MRJ wrote:

>           In the limited experience I've had in letter-writing publishers,
> book-sellers and authors in correcting errors on Theosophy, that most lack
> integrity is certainly true.  Since their integrity is not centered or
> directed toward abstract "Truth", one has to see that their chief concern is
> self-interest (including satisfying the vested interests and pruriency of
> the audience) with "truth" only served as a secondary concern.   One really
> has to admire Harris for doggedly writing all those letters, which no doubt
> had their effect even if not obvious in immediate results.  Much of the B.S.
> printed about Blavatsky doesn't surface anymore or as often.   Since authors
> and publishers don't show much reaction to  personal letters,  revealing
> them in magazine articles and the like would seem to have better results, as
> authors and publishers DO respond to public if not private scrutiny,  and
> the public in general does resent being fed unsupported balderdash.
>      I don't care either about supposed "untruths" by Blavatsky, but am
> mostly concerned with studying the philosophy, since I've established to
> myself that it is genuine and to be trusted.  Who cares if Blavatsky "got
> one caught sideways" a couple of times!  She was always under pressure and a
> chela and not an adept after all.
> -  Jake

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