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Re: "....Who is it going to help?"

Jun 07, 1998 06:02 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:34 PM 6/7/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>Caldwell/Graye <> writes
>>Here are the quotes from the Master Morya:
>>"I say again what you like me not to say, namely that *no regular*
>>instruction, no regular communication is possible between us before
>>our mutual path is cleared of its many impediments, the greatest
>>being the public misconception about the Founders. . . . "
>Some would argue that some of the greatest misconceptions about the
>founders are held in this day and age by theosophists themselves.
>>"I say then that it is the vilification and abuse of the founders,
>>the general misconception of the aims and objects of the [Theosophical]
>>Society that paralyses its progress---nothing else. . . . "
>"I say then ..."
>In other words, this is the *opinion* [or OPINION] of the writer.
>Again, the "general misconception" must have been created by
>someone - theosophists?.
>Like others of the theos internet bunch, I too have been vilified and
>abused,  *almost entirely by those that call themselves theosophists.*  It
>has not paralysed my progress, though that too could be considered a
>matter of opinion.
>Alan :0)

Alan: this was forseen by HPB herself when she talked about theosophy
having multiple sects - just like the multitude of christian sects each
opposing the rest. In  many cases, Human nature appears not to change no
matter whether one is exposed to theosophy or not. BTW, organizations does
not appear to accept these maillists since they cannot control them (like
other media they are used to control), thanks to John Mead, Eldon Tucker,
and Alan.


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