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Double standards

Jun 05, 1998 10:38 PM
by Kym Smith

Sophia offered some text:

This is one of the problems I have with Theosophical literature: 'not seeing
the beam in their own eye.'

There is nothing wrong with complaining about or "denouncing" someone or
something if one truly believes it is necessary in order to expose
wrongdoings. Just be honest about it --

In the text, THEO says:


This statement was made after all the following had also been said by THEO:

[If the following does not entail "denouncing" then I do not know what
"denouncing" is]

>lastly, because it would have been ridiculous for both to be untrue to
>their principles, because of an attack made on them by a flock of stupid
>old British wethers, who had been led to butt at them by an over
>frolicsome lambkin from Australia.

[that is a personal favorite of mine - I'm going to use it someday]

>The Christian
>Churches, who claim a far higher "Master," the very Holy Ghost itself,
>have ever been and are still guilty not only of "mistakes," but of a
>series of bloody crimes throughout the ages.  Yet, no Christian would
>deny, for all that, his belief in that  "Master," I suppose ?  although
>his existence is far more hypothetical than that of the Mahatmas ;  as
>no one has ever seen the Holy Ghost, and his guidance of the Church,
>moreover, their own ecclesiastical history distinctly contradicts.
>Errare humanum est.

[respect for other faiths, I thought, was a cornerstone of Theosophy]

>Thus the slanderers,  while moved by the lowest and meanest
>feeling-those of hatred, revenge, malice, wounded vanity, or
>disappointed ambition, - seem quite unaware that they are paying the
>greatest tribute to her intellectual powers.  So be it, if the poor
>fools will have it so.

[Compassion, anyone?]

>The cycle of "Adepts,"  used as sledge-hammers to
>break the theosophical heads with, began twelve years ago,  with Mrs.
>Emma Hardinge Britten's "Louis" of Art Magic and Ghost-Land, and now
>ends with the "Adept"  and "Author" of The Light of Egypt, a work
>written by Spiritualists against Theosophy and its teachings.

[Mrs. Emma was clearly evil]

>The famous "rejuvenating system"  of Dr. Brown-Sequard, of Paris,
>through a loathsome animal injection into human blood-a discovery all
>the medical papers of Europe are now discussing-if true,  is unconscious
>black magic.

[Dr. B. does truly sound like a pervert]

Again, all the above may be true, but Theosophists get themselves in boiling
water by pretending to be oh-so-holier than the rest of us poor slobs.


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