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Re: Cancel the order! and Jews vs. Jesus

Jun 05, 1998 10:22 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> > Note that mystical Judaism is part of the mainstream, and not a forbidden
> cult. >
> Besides Reform, Conservative and Orthodox, there is also a something called
> Reconstructionist Judaism. It's a New Agey sort of Judaism, more eclectic,
> with emphasis on meditation, singing and movement (eurythmy), Kabbalistic
> studies, philosophical discussion, etc. Groups in Reconstructionist Judaism
> sometimes call themselves Jewish Renewal Communities. They take much of their
> inspiration from an enlightened teacher called Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.

	I am quite familiar with the movement; Rabbi Ira Eisenstein was a good
friend of my parents.

	Bart Lidofsky

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