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Re: Re: More on SD Vol. 3

Jun 04, 1998 05:49 AM
by Jerry Schueler

In a sense, Dallas, I agree with you about the importance of
the inner guru. However, I also agree with the Tibetan tradition
(and most other countries as well) that an enlightened
external guru/teacher is essential to point us in the right
direction and to give us the necessary assurance that such
a thing is even possible.

Jerry S.

>We all have the same One INNER MASTER -- IT is our own HIGHER
>SELF.  It is the "ray" from and one with the Universal ABSOLUTE
>from which we are derived, and in which "we live, and breathe and
>have our being."
>The real problem is that as the elements of "matter" emerge and
>begin to "return to the Source," they have to do it intelligently
>and on their own, independently -- no crutches -- no Prophet ever
>saved anyone !  -- they, *the prophets," all told man to save
>himself.  Tough teachings.  But also TRUE.
>We have to seek the  Master inside ?
>Questions:  Why should HPB or any other "Master" arrive on our
>doorsteps if we have not yet either studied or tried to apply
>Theosophy ?  Read SD I  pp 298-9 for one answer.
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>From: "Darren Porter" <>
>Date: Wednesday, June 03, 1998 7:17 AM
>Subject: Re: Re: More on SD Vol. 3
>>At 11:04 AM 6/3/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>>Jerry Schueler wrote:
>>>> What about HPB's promist/prophecy of a new Messenger
>>>> appearing during the last quarter of this century? We have
>>>> less than two years.
>>>Its got to be Dallas, Darren or Alexis, no?
>>Maybe we should ask Benjamin Creme?
>>Before I discovered HPB and the SD I was in India learning with
>>Chopra and he said to realise who the GURU was, just spell it
>out loud.
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