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Re: Deepak

Jun 04, 1998 04:48 AM
by M K Ramadoss

About a year ago, there was a well-researched article on Deepak in Time
magazine. It may still be available in the on-line edition of Time. Anyone
interested may want to look it up.


At 11:31 PM 6/3/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>Kym to Darren:
>>But, in seriousness - if you think, after meeting Deepak, that he is a
>>sincere and compassionate man, then he just may be.  I've only seen his
>>televised seminars - which didn't really move me, but did genuinely seem to
>>move others (to where, I have no idea).
>I know a woman who knows Deepak Chopra, and he is complicated and very
>human.  I won't post what it is and start a nasty gossip.  Thus, if there's
>any one of us who beat ourselves up over our failings, think of Deepak, or
>HPB, or Leadbeater, or...  Their complicated imperfect personalities did
>not prevent them from doing what they need to do spiritually.
>Thoa :o)

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