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Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #177

Jun 03, 1998 10:13 PM
by Kym Smith

Brenda wrote:

>What do yo mean you're a friend?  Are you living in the same locality?  Do
>you spend time together regularly?

What?!  What does this have to do with having a friendship?  I've dear
friends who don't live near me and I've dear friends who do - whether or not
Paul and I schmooze in the flesh or in the mind has little to do with the
validity or depth of our friendship.

My point was: you may consider people "inherently evil" - but that doesn't
mean it is true nor that others will take kindly to being referred to as
"inherently evil."

>Those quotes are right from THE SECRET DOCTRINE.  You have to admit that
>many people don't really know what theosophy is.

It's NOT the QUOTES I'm dickering with here - it's *your interpretation* of
them. *Your interpretation* smacks of fundie language to me.  I've never
walked away from a book of theosophical writings believing that it meant to
say humans are "inherently evil."  Humans may have created or contributed to
'evil' or 'evil-doings' - but humans, animals, stink-bugs, lava rocks, and
prickly-bushes are not, in themselves, 'evil.'

>When I wrote three it was left open because it is still such a new concept
>to me that I am sure there are ideas that I will someday get from others on
>how to handle this new situation I find myself in.

It is wise to provide for oneself some wiggle room.


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