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Holy folk on a mountain

Jun 03, 1998 11:23 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

Kym wrote:
>To those of you who agree with Judge in saying we should "imitate" (emulate,
>says Dallas) the Masters - I am still curious on just what that means.
>For example, from all the texts and writings and discussion about who and
>what the Masters are, how would we 'emulate' them in everyday situations?
>What would a Master (based on the available information) do or/and say to
>someone who was poised on a bridge ready to jump to his/her death?  What
>would a Master do or/and say (based on the available information) to a
>homeless family?  What would a Master do/say if someone said "You're ugly
>and your mother's so low she plays handball against the curb?"

Dallas responded:
>If we apply the Theosophical 7-fold division of Principles, the
>highest is THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT  (Yes, I am "shouting," but this
>is only apparent, owing to the limits of this Internet connection
>that does not allow for italics or bold type--I use capitals for
>emphasis only.) -- in this we all ultimately share and therefore
>the idea of universal Brotherhood emerges.
<and more and more>

Dallas, you are highlighting Kym's point.  It's too easy to get involve in
convoluted conceptual thinking and not see the point.  Granted, I believe
in conceptual thinking to analyze things through, but when it comes to
action, all that thinking turns into one concentrated and wise action.
That's why I logged onto the theosophy lists, to think through all the
concepts so that my actions will be from a wiser stand point.

In a dire situation, do the Masters teach you to forget about the Masters
and focus on the person in front of you?  I could answer Kym's questions
based on the compassionate instinct in me, but that is due to my life
experience and what is in me.  Does any theosophical teachings show you how
to do that?  Can compassion be offered more than as a concept?  I can give
you a hint to all those questions:  Focus on the person in front of you and
figure out what s/he needs.

On the other hand, Kym, your logic could be applied to Science, Philosophy,
the Arts, and all other things the world would be greatly lacking without.
They all contribute to our learning.  They don't right out and tell you how
to solve problems involving your fellow man.  But in some subtle ways they
contribute to the wholeness of your being and help you stronger in your
contact with that compassionate and seeing part of you.  The part that
connects with other beings.

Thoa :o)

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