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Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #178

Jun 03, 1998 09:50 PM
by Kym Smith

Darren wrote:

>We spent 30 hours non-stop in a taxi with no air conditioning and to make
>matters worse my wife was pregnant with Maya. (As an aside to the main
>point - we were ambushed by bandits twice and honestly experienced
>telepathy). We arrived late, got food poisoning, fell asleep during every
>group meditation [snip]
>I took his advice and later
>the next day was called aside to speak with Deepak privately. We had a long
>talk which concluded with him offering me a complete refund - which I
>received later back in Australia.

Well, after hearing a harrowing tale such as yours, I think the Devil would
have given you a refund.

But, in seriousness - if you think, after meeting Deepak, that he is a
sincere and compassionate man, then he just may be.  I've only seen his
televised seminars - which didn't really move me, but did genuinely seem to
move others (to where, I have no idea).

However, if someone manages to make even one person look upward and inward -
well, I guess that someone can't be all that. . .horrifying.

>Drooling? Kym, this sarcasm doesn't become you.

!snickers mixed with snorts!


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