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Re: HPB a forbidden III volume?

Jun 03, 1998 07:35 AM
by Darren Porter

Dear Brenda,

Thankyou for your response. i happened to take a visit to the lodge library
today and compared the Adyar 6 volume set with my facsimile edition. The
contents of the Vol 3 as listed in the Kessinger catalogue matched vol 5 of
the Adyar edition. Thankyou for elaborating on its history, the preface to
the SD Abridged version also deals with this.


>Dear Darren,
>There is an article called "THE SECRET DOCTRINE - VOLUME III" As Published
>in 1897 A Survey of its Contents and Authenticity. Boris de Zirkoff" in the
>Introduction of Volume XIV of the Collected Writings.  It says that HPB
>sent some of her SD manuscript to Adyar to Subba Row for his suggestions.
>Subba Row refused to collaborate with her, so HPB made changes and
>alterations herself.  Then when we compare the original manuscript with her
>own edited version we find 68 pages which were not printed in Volume I.
>These 68 pages make up many of the pages in the Volume III in question
>above, up to page 335. (The article gives specifics.)  The total volume is
>594 pages (I think.) and of these 102 pages were identified. What of the
>remaining 3/4 of the work?  A 56 page section of this is "The Mystery of
>the Buddha."  The next section(s) constitute 238 pages. They cover a
>variety of subjects.  Then the author breaks to a story from the past where
>Keightley says he (Bertram) and Archibald Keightley typed out all of the
>words and arranged it. (Referring to the arrangement of Volumes I and II.)
>HPB accepted the rough plan and went to work on the arrangement and gave
>Keightleys a "mosaic" made with pen, scissors, and paste.  It was so
>complicated that when the typed up Volumes I and II (which were sent to the
>printer) there was still quite a bit left over  which they could find no
>suitable place for or weren't in top shape condition. HPB put the leftovers
>in her drawer and said she would make it into a third Volume. SO these
>pages (as many as they could) are what they think got published as Volume
>III, even if there were some pages that "needed complete and extensive
>revision and rewriting."  This Volume is just pages inferior to the SD.
>Mead says in 1897 that he had seen before pages 433-594.
>So does this provide you with a further glimpse into what the Volume III
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