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Re: Answers all around

May 29, 1998 10:33 AM
by Marshall Hemingway III

In a message dated 98-05-28 16:14:47 EDT, you write:

<< Finally, you could mean by "the Masters" the specific figures named and
described by HPB in her writings: Morya, Gulba-Singh, Koot Hoomi, Ram-Ranjit-
Das,  Hilarion, Lama Ugyen, Serapis, Djual Kul, etc. In which case I  *still*
don't regard them as "mythological characters" but rather as fictionalizations
of real people-- with varying degrees of  fictionalization. >>

It seems that I read somewhere that HPB told one of her colleagues that she
was obliged never to reveal the real names of the Masters so she had to give
them pseudoms. I feel that the thought-forms surrounding the "pen names" she
has given the Masters have been strengthened by "devotees" in a number of
organizations over the last one hundred years. These thought-forms IMHO are
constantly being energized so that they would indeed attract and be used as
vehicles, so to speak, by the Beings for whom they pertain. So in that sense
there is a reality to Master KH, Morya, Hilarion, etc. on the inner planes
whatever the approximation may be to their real life earth experience as
individuals (which, indeed, is surrounded in some mystery).

In general, I feel that there is a hierarchy of high initiates, adepts, a
communion of saints, as it were, which is the end-result of effort expended in
many (and in some cases, not so many) incarnations on earth. Pierre Teilhard
de Chardin says there is an Omega point in the noosphere towards which we are
all moving. In theosophy, this is the evolution in consciousness which leads
us to a series of initiations. At some point we reach a stage where we can say
we have "graduated" (Mahatmaship).

my 2 cents

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