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Re: Pope to condemn HPB and the Masters

May 29, 1998 08:24 AM
by M K Ramadoss wrote:
> The following article by the Vatican correspondent to THE WANDER, a national
> Catholic weekly newspaper appeared in the May 21 issue. I thought it may be of
> some interest to those on this List. Here it is:

By article cannot but do a lot of good to modern theosophical movement
by drawing attention of many devout catholics. Some years ago, I had the
interesting encounted with one of the members in our office. The child
of this person, would not accept the theory of the spirit disappearing
or getting into union after death. The child who was 7 years or so was
leaning towards the idea of reincarnation. The parent was horrified and
would not let me discuss reincarnation with the child.


PS: Has anyone read the fictional story of second coming of Jesus, who
was told not to do anything that would upset the current church

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