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Re: Dummy-down???

May 28, 1998 09:07 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal


I think you have an absolutely valid point. And as I said before - to me it
seems that HPB and some of her followers have performed quite different tasks.
To compare their writing styles is to compare apples and footballs - they have
very different reasons for being. I find praising the apples at the expense of
the footballs doesn't make much sense.

Bjorn wrote:
> Lmhemlll wrote:
> >As was pointed out, "every science, philosophy, etc. has its own jargon". Why
> >do we have to "dummy down" Theosophy to the lowest common denominator? I
> >realize, of course, that this is the national trend - we don't want to lower
> >anybody's self-esteem, do we?
> Ok, let's apply your reasoning to an everyday situation:  Medicine is a
> science, right?  You visit your doctor and she tells you that you have
> ureterohydronephrosis and that a ureterolithotomy may be necessary due to
> complications of prerenal uremia, but in the meantime you must stay away
> from oxalates and take spironolactone and if that doesn't work she'll try
> triamterene.
> Now, according to your reasoning, for this learned doctor of science to be
> required to "dummy down" the vocabulary of medicine is unnecessary.  As you
> say, she wouldn't "want to lower anybody's self-esteem."
> Would you REALLY let her get away with that???  Saying that your life is in
> danger here thereby making this analogy false won't work - as this diagnosis
> is not necessarily fatal.
> What is the difference between theosophy (therapy for the 'soul') and
> medicine (therapy for the body)?

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