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Re: Re: Quotes from Theosophical texts (#151)

May 26, 1998 05:52 AM
by Annette Rivington wrote:
> "Not before?"  Why and in what way are you speaking?

I am simply saying that I perceive that the path to perfection is an
individual responsibility.  That our responsibility is to work on
ourselves first and foremost.  That "helping humanity" is a natural
by-product of this, as we are all active parts of a whole humanity.
That every action taken by me affects everything else, by means of this
energy (or lifeforce) that we are all tiny parts of and from which we
are inseperable.

Consider a small example.  The silver birch tree in front of my house is
part of that.  He completes his part perfectly, standing stoically and
giving me shelter, responding to the seasons and reminding me of them,
providing me with oxygen, strong arms to hold me and words of wisdom,
and a constant reminder that if I neglect him he will not blossom and
survive.  But mostly he is evidence of the great creation and
benevolence of spirit.
My love for my tree is helping humanity.  I started my life loving
(everything) like that, I brought that in with me, and am now returning
to that state of being.

My point was that I do not expect everyone else to experience love and
spirit in a tree.  My "brotherhood" task is to see and understand how
you are experiencing your path.  My hope is that you will let me be and
will furthermore strive to understand me and my tree.  If I give up my
path for yours, I do you as much of a dis-service as I do myself.

> None of us on this list are "perfect" (whatever that means) and we are
> helping (or should be) humanity every day.  Helping humanity consists in
> much more than 'presenting ideas or truths' - it also requires living
> these truths/ideas.  Must we wait until we are "perfected" before we can
> begin?  I don't think so.  We can walk outside our door right now and
> actively help change someone's life for the better.

Exactly.  And we do, everyday, in some way, by striving to be the best
we can be and by letting others be.  Leadership or guidance is by

> And Theosophists should not be so comfortable with just letting "karma"
> (whatever that is) take care of those who do not accept or understand
> Theosophy.  Those who reject Theosophy are as 'worthy' as those who
> accept it - each deserves attention and compassion.

No argument there.  Evidence on this list.  Also, speaking as one who
spent a lot of life acting as if "karma" was something I could control,
I am relearning that working in concert with "karma" is the natural way.

> As far as "imitating" the Great Brotherhood (whomever they are), if we
> get real for a moment, we will see that some of 'their messages' and the
> manner they have used in spreading 'their messages' could stand some
> improvement.  Sending messages via "floating down from the ceiling" or
> "burying under a tree" is just asking for a wink and a smirk from
> present-day humanity.

"present-day humanity?  Linear time again!
Firstly, I think we are each given the blessing of "seeing" and
"hearing" the messages in whatever way works for us at the time.
Secondly I think we are quite capable of misrepresenting an experience
(to ourselves) for "egotistical" or fear reasons.  And thirdly, I
perceive the tide is turning, in that many more people are receiving
messages (or listening to their higher selves) and those that are not
"connected" enough to do so currently are beginning to feel they are
missing something.

I receive confusing "messages" sometimes, but usually not insulting or
trickster ones unless being insulted or duped is the only way I can
learn at that moment.  For instance a recent message I received from an
entity who sat in my bedroom chair is wise and perhaps prophetic, as
"You LEAD by people responding to your energy/aura.  The greatest orator
may have every one looking at him, but they will turn and follow the
silent one emanating the power of truth"

Is this a message?  Is this my mind?  Did I read it somewhere?
Who knows.  I only know I was coming out of the shower thinking only of
getting to work on time and someone I couldn't see but felt sat in my
chair and the chair creaked and gave with the weight and spoke those
words that I heard in my head.  I went over and squeezed it's shoulder
and said thanks.
I could lie to myself and deny it happened.  I cannot prove it to you
and have no wish to.  It's part of my process and is available to all
who accept the invitiation.  That message enables me to continue to
write this stuff, to watch out for the charismatic empty orator, and to
keep vigilant on the path as my energy/aura will tell the truth even if
I try to avoid it.

> So, when Theosophists say
> "imitate" the Great Brotherhood - just exactly what do they mean?  What
> do you mean?  What did Judge mean?  Or are we simply "intellectual
> parrots" (I love that one - The Great Brotherhood can come up with some
> zingers, can't they?)

Some one else will have to answer that one as I have not met "the Great
Brotherhood", except that, being "intellectual parrots" could be
perceived as the point of the original debate with Dallas on this
topic.  However, I chose to discard that issue and focus instead on how
much alike we are even though we label things differently.

> If we all waited until "perfection" before we attempted to help others,
> we'd still be just a gleam in some. . .entity's eye. . .somewhere.

And maybe we still are!  However, to wait is not possible as we chose to
come into the physical and do it again.  We can procrastinate, we can
take detours, we can convince ourselves we need not work on it.  But we
set it in motion so we cannot wait.  Still, I have met a person who
believes she is a "walk in" replacing someone who gave up the task this
time.  I have understanding and compassion for her too.

blessings Kym

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