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Re: Quotes from Theosophical texts (#151)

May 26, 1998 00:56 AM
by Kym Smith

Annette responds to the quote:

> > "...we should imitate the Great Brotherhood in its constant
> > efforts to help Humanity.  New ideas are projected among men and
> > all good reforms are fostered.  They offer to all men the truths
> > of the Wisdom-Religion, leaving results to the Law [of karma] ...
> > Our plain duty is to present the truths of Theosophy to all men,
> > leaving it to them to accept or to reject, and to help all others
> > to aspire to perfection..."        W Q Judge, "Forum Answers", p.
> > 7
> Absolutely.  No contest.  Bit difficult to imitate the Great
> Botherhood
> though when all we have is someone else's imperfect perception of it.
> The various Theosophists have and do their duty by presenting their
> imperfect perception of the truths to all men.  Some have accepted,
> but
> most in the populous have rejected so far.
> So, when anyone of them or us reaches perfection, they and we can then
> start to help all others, by simply being perfect in the truth.  And

"Not before?"  Why and in what way are you speaking?

None of us on this list are "perfect" (whatever that means) and we are
helping (or should be) humanity every day.  Helping humanity consists in
much more than 'presenting ideas or truths' - it also requires living
these truths/ideas.  Must we wait until we are "perfected" before we can
begin?  I don't think so.  We can walk outside our door right now and
actively help change someone's life for the better.

And Theosophists should not be so comfortable with just letting "karma"
(whatever that is) take care of those who do not accept or understand
Theosophy.  Those who reject Theosophy are as 'worthy' as those who
accept it - each deserves attention and compassion.

As far as "imitating" the Great Brotherhood (whomever they are), if we
get real for a moment, we will see that some of 'their messages' and the
manner they have used in spreading 'their messages' could stand some
improvement.  Sending messages via "floating down from the ceiling" or
"burying under a tree" is just asking for a wink and a smirk from
present-day humanity.  In the Mahatma Letters, evidence of Koot's
ability to be 'insulted' and 'irritated' was clear - if that's imitating
the Great Brotherhood, I'm halfway there.  So, when Theosophists say
"imitate" the Great Brotherhood - just exactly what do they mean?  What
do you mean?  What did Judge mean?  Or are we simply "intellectual
parrots" (I love that one - The Great Brotherhood can come up with some
zingers, can't they?)

If we all waited until "perfection" before we attempted to help others,
we'd still be just a gleam in some. . .entity's eye. . .somewhere.


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