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Re: THEOSOPHY WORLD on the web

May 21, 1998 05:09 PM
by Rodolfo Don


You did an excellent job on your web sites. I particularly like the way you
organized the articles by author and by issue. I don't have any
suggestions, just let you know that I like what you did.


Rudy Don

>A draft version of THEOSOPHY WORLD in web-page format is available
>for online review and comment. It can be found at:
>Any errors or mistakes noticed, suggestions for enhancement, etc.
>are welcome. (Write to
>One page gives all authors, and contact information (email and web
>page) if available and ok to release. If you are an author and
>your information is missing, let me know and I'll add it. If you
>have email and/or web information provided, and don't want it
>given out, also let me know. The author information is on
>Also, if you wish to be contacted by other people interested in
>Theosophy, and aren't an author/contributor, let me know and I'll
>also add your name, contact information, and optional short
>biographic/interests paragraph for you to the list.
>After a few days of taking feedback into account, the web pages
>will officially go online.
>-- Eldon Tucker

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