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Re: Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

May 20, 1998 04:47 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

May 20th 1998

by HPB in part as follows:

"From the same root as the Latin "initia," which means the basic
or first principles of any Science.  The practice of initiation
or admission into the sacred Mysteries, taught by the Hierophants
and learned priests of the Temples, is one of the most ancient
customs.  This was practiced in every old national religion.  In
Europe it was abolished with the fall of the last pagan temple.
There exists at present but one kind of initiation known to the
public, namely that into the Masonic rites.  Masonry, however,
has no more secrets to give out or conceal.  In the palmy days of
old, the Mysteries according to the greatest Greek and Roman
philosophers, were the most sacred of all solemnities as well as
the most beneficent, and greatly promoted virtue.  The Mysteries
represented the passage from mortal life into finite death, and
the experiences of the disembodied Spirit and Soul in the world
of subjectivity."

More references on this can be found in the GLOSSARY pp 154, 311,
SD I  109, 326 ;  SD II  229-30 308 378 380 415 462 494 499 555-9
Modern Panarion :  p. 42 (to be made);  ISIS I  555-6 ;   II  319
364-5 564-5
See also:  SUFISM,  T. Glos. p. 311;

I hope this proves of some help.            Dallas.

> Date: Tuesday, May 19, 1998 7:45 PM
> From: "Darren Porter" <>
> Subject: Re: Theosophical Doctrines (HPB)

>>Dallas writes:
>>                    HPB said to be initiated into "Tibetan
>How do you define Initiation?
>Does the TS have initiation?
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