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HH Dalai Lama. Sexual implications

May 19, 1998 08:17 PM
by Sophia TenBroeck

For Jerry S'  consideration ---

> Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 17:24:29 -0400
> From: "Jerry Schueler" <>
> Subject: Re: Dangers of psychism Nirmanakaya, Turiya, etc.

Speaking of HPB you write  :

"She is talking about Hindu Tantricism and says nothing anywhere at all
about Buddhist Tantricism (she was clearly "forbidden" to talk about
this subject because of its sexual implications). She carefully says
Tantras and Trantrikas and never ever distinguishes between the Hindu
and the Buddhist, even though she had to have known."

Is it a FACT or only your OPINION that "(she was clearly "forbidden" to
talk about this subject because of its sexual implications)" ?    If,
FACT provide the authority on which this is stated.  As  to "sexual
implications"  kindly read all that is provided by her in ISIS and SD,
on  Phallicism, and the links which arise from such reading.

And a little later, you write :

 "But I have studied Tibetan Tantricism for over 30 years as well as
practicing it, and I can't help but getting a bit defensive when I hear
it equated to the Hindu version and  hear its practitioners (who include
HH the Dally Lama) being called selfish."

The sentence is vague, "hear its practitioners (who include HH the Dalai
Lama)"  here the word  "hear" is most likely "here"   and  "its" has to
be Tibetan Tantricism  for the Dalai Lama.  Please have I made the right
assumptions in this sentence?  If I have, then you are defending the
Dalai Lama of "being called selfish"  but implying something far far
worse.  The Dalai Lama, as a MONK , and of  Buddhist Tantricism,  "
Buddhist Tantricism (she [HPB] was clearly "forbidden" to talk about
this subject because of its sexual implications),"  you now  involve HIS
HOLINESS THE DALAI LAMA, as a practitioner-in another place you call him
an INITIATE of this school--of  Buddhist Tantricism and its sexual
implications.   Nowm I TOO, PROTEST,  and am appalled at this
irreverence and slander.   If you mean what you seemingly imply I want
proof of what you say.

I trust you meant non of the latter,  but with the speed at which we
write and our mind works, we make strange comments, and in defence we
are often offensive where we did not intend to be.   Sophia

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