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Death Review [sounds like a journal!]

May 13, 1998 04:42 PM
by Dr A M Bain

Jerry Schueler <> writes
>Tibetan yogis also describe in great detail the dying process
>(Earth components of the body dissolving into Water, Water into
>Air, and so on, and even give visual queues such as "fire flies"
>and so on. But no life review. I have had such reviews myself,
>especially during accidents when death was not probable. For
>example, about 5 years ago I tripped over a board and fell onto
>my driveway. I put out my arm to break the fall. The ground seemed
>to approach in slow motion and I saw a flash of my life up to
>this point. It probably only took half a second. The next thing I
>knew I was rolling on the ground with 4 fractures on my right
>elbow, not even close to death but likely wishing I were.

Apart from my own (where death *was* a possibility) I have heard
similar examples to this over the years.  One interesting one which didn't
report a review was of a friend of mine who tripped on a loose paving
stone, and ended up flat on the ground - but for a split second he saw
the back of his body going down before he joined it!  A temporary
physical/etheric dislocation, possibly due to the speed of the event.

> I can
>only think that the death review is a normal and natural experience
>that the body/brain goes through whenever death seems

I agree [surprise!].  If the soul or whatever thinks death *could* occur,
I think it operates a "trigger" of some sort so that we are prepared for
what comes next.  This is part of the reason I asked for peoples' ideas
about second death - it seems there can be *two* reviews on such
occasions, and the second one may not be much fun ... this from
personal experience.

> But it is a mystery why the Tibetans do not have
>similar experiences.

Maybe thye consider it such a natural thing that it's not worthmentioning
- like everyone knows *that*!

Brought to you from
 West Cornwall, UK

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