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Re: Does the Theosophical Society have a Doctrine?

May 13, 1998 05:11 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Jerry Schueler <> writes
>>Another disconnect is the past-
>>life review. She claims we all have one after death, yet there
>>is no such thing found in Tibetan Buddhism. HH the DL was
>>asked about this, and had no answer why past-life reviews
>>were considered important in the West, but acknowledges
>>that the Tibetan masters had never detected such a review
>>during their detailed analysis of post-death conditions.
>Alan: There's a difference, if my experience is a guide.  This review seems
>occur *during* the death process, and is commonly reported as part of
>near death experiences.  I have had it myself.  So - the DL or Tibetan
>Masters would *not* detect such a review after death, as by then it will
>be over!

But the Tibetan yogis also describe in great detail the dying process
(Earth components of the body dissolving into Water, Water into
Air, and so on, and even give visual queues such as "fire flies"
and so on. But no life review. I have had such reviews myself,
especially during accidents when death was not probable. For
example, about 5 years ago I tripped over a board and fell onto
my driveway. I put out my arm to break the fall. The ground seemed
to approach in slow motion and I saw a flash of my life up to
this point. It probably only took half a second. The next thing I
knew I was rolling on the ground with 4 fractures on my right
elbow, not even close to death but likely wishing I were. I can
only think that the death review is a normal and natural experience
that the body/brain goes through whenever death seems
immanent. But it is a mystery why the Tibetans do not have
similar experiences.

Jerry S.

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