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Re: Theosophical California Dreamin'

May 13, 1998 10:54 AM
by Annette Rivington

K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> Anyone else's interpretations are hereby invited, but what I get
> out of this is that it relates to the difference between
> Theosophy and "Theosophy."  Between the natural, wild, and
> solitary contact with the divine ineffable, and the manmade world of
> Theosophical conferences and books.  By participating in the
> latter, one can be situated so as to experience the former.  But
> they're whole different levels of reality.

Nice dream.  Much nicer than the various ones of snakes that some of us
have experienced.

My interpretation?  You left the boundaries of your doctrine and
"friends" to make the connection as you perceive it currently, alone.
The question?  Why did you wonder why none of your friends went with you
or talked of it?
The challenge?  To go where it leads?

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