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Re: Theosophical California Dreamin'

May 12, 1998 11:31 AM
by Brenda S Tucker

 I find myself in a meadow in a valley amid
>high mountains, all contained within the TS property.  After
>hiking a few minutes admiring the scenery, I cross a ridge and am
>awestruck by a magnificent waterfall cascading down a
>mountainside.  Maybe not as tall as Yosemite or as wide as
>Niagara, but hugely impressive, with several smaller waterfalls
>on other ridges in sight.  I stand here soaking up the vibes, all
>alone in this natural paradise, until satisfied that it's time to
>return to the conference.  So I walk back the way I came, and in
>minutes am back with my friends.  I wonder why no one else has
>talked about this amazing place within the grounds, but feel
>disinclined to talk about it.

Oh, sorry, that last message must have somehow got away before I was finished.

I use a book called 10,000 DREAMS INTERPRETED by Gustavus Hindman Miller,
Rand McNally, 1983

In this book it says: "To find hidden things, you will enjoy unexpected

Also, "To dream of a waterfall, foretells that you will secure your wildest
desire, and fortune will be exceedingly favorable to your progress."

In my dream last night I was viewing a movie I once saw on TV, only this
time I KNEW when the "sinister" occurrences were due to happen. No
surprises, right?  Well, when I'm seeing something for the second time, my
emotional reaction is just to remove myself from watching during the gritty
times.  The movie progressed, but it seemed as if some of the events were
changed and so again I found myself in the element of the "unknowable."
The dream did not take any evil turns, but the people who were gathering in
the dream just remained sound, although at one point a bridge's railing
buckled and split and a trailer perched against a length of the rail came
dangerously close to toppling in the ravine.

For an ending, I took up my position in an elevator and began playing with
stopping it myself on the descent so that it would stop at exactly the
right point near the floor.  Well, when I stopped at a floor and two people
started to load a tremendous amount of weight, the elevator slipped up and
went crooked and started a descent other than vertical.  At that point I
woke up.

There sure is a pretty view from up on the second floor of the trailer out
over the ravine.


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